Elementary Summer Camp 2024

Elementary camp is for students from 6- 11 years old and held Monday-Friday from 9:00 to 3:00. All camps are taught by experienced, qualified teachers and enriched with highly engaging, hands-on activities and plenty of outdoor time! Elementary camps also include swimming 3 afternoons a week at the UCC pool.

$195 per week

Week 1 (June 17-21): Games Galore

Games Galore

Get ready to level up your summer at our ultimate game-lover's paradise! This is your chance to experience the thrill of your favorite games brought to life! Dive into a world of endless fun with our top-notch activities including making your own board games, learning and competing in chess, life-size hungry hippos, favorite game show games and more! Register now and get ready for the time of your LIFE!  

Week 2 (June 24-28): Secret Spy School

Secret Spy School

School may be out for summer, but the training is just beginning as young recruits step into the world of espionage and crime stopping at Secret Spy School (SSS). From decoding messages to mastering the art of disguise, campers will follow clues and unravel mysteries while delving into the science of crime-solving. Get ready for "spy" bootcamp where activities like extracting DNA, fingerprinting, escape rooms, and special visits from local police will immerse campers in real-life investigative techniques. It's time for a week of intrigue, adventure, and the thrill of cracking the case!

Week 3 (July 1-5): Around the World

Around the World

Grab your passport and get ready to explore the diverse cultures of the world without ever leaving camp. From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the cobblestone alleys of Rome, campers will journey across continents, immersing themselves in new languages, traditions, and flavors. Top activities include discovering the art of pasta making, crafting Japanese sushi rolls, adorning hands with intricate Henna designs from India, and so much more. With games, cultural lessons, and delicious tastings, campers will broaden their horizons and race around the world in an unforgettable summer experience. Keep your passport ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Week 4 (July 8-12): Imagination Station

Imagination Station

Embark on an adventure of innovation and excitement at our summer camp, where every day promises new creative challenges and thrilling activities. From constructing air-powered cars and participating in Lego challenges to crafting your own bouncy balls and experimenting with color-changing thermodynamic playdough, campers will unleash their imagination and problem-solving skills. There's something for every budding artist and engineer to explore. Join us for a week brimming with fun, learning, and unforgettable memories! 

Week 5 (July 15-19): Jedi Space Camp

Jedi Space Camp

In a galaxy far far away.... young space enthusiasts embark on a journey through the cosmos! Star Wars meets space science this week as campers learn about the scientific workings of outer space and let their imaginations run wild in Jedi training and simulated galactic conflicts! The force is strong with these campers, and their adventures are bound to be out of this world!

Week 6 (July 22-26): Percy Jackson and Camp Half-Blood

Percy Jackson and Camp Half-Blood

Welcome to Camp Half-Blood where young demigods become heroes. Like Hercules and Athena, they train their minds and bodies so that they can go on quests to stop their enemies from wreaking havoc in the mortal world. Campers have the opportunity to learn about and explore the ancient myths and legends of different cultures around the world. From the story of Zeus and the gods of Olympus, to the tales of Eastern deities, and the myths of the Norse Gods, your child will be transported to a world of adventure and imagination.

Week 7 (July 29- August 2): Summer Olympics

Summer Olympics

Get ready for the Summer Olympics this year by unleashing your inner champion at Camp Olympics, where traditional events meet exciting twists! This week promises fun competition and challenges for every camper with a thrilling blend of traditional and surprising events, crafting projects, and camaraderie. Who will emerge victorious and claim the title of the ultimate Olympian? Join us at our camp, where the thrill of competition and the spirit of teamwork collide for an unforgettable experience!

Week 8 (August 5-9): Best of the Best

Best of the Best

Welcome to our very own summer camp highlight reel! Join us for an unforgettable week packed with your favorite activities from all our summer camps. Say goodbye to FOMO because this camp guarantees that no one misses out. Get ready for a week filled with your favorite activities revisited with surprising twists, ensuring both regular campers and newcomers alike experience the excitement of Roseburg Summer Camp like never before!