Elementary Summer Camp

Elementary camp is for students from 6- 11 years old and held Monday-Friday from 9:00 to 3:00. All camps are taught by experienced, qualified teachers and enriched with highly engaging, hands-on activities and plenty of outdoor time! Elementary camps also include swimming 3 afternoons a week at the UCC pool.

$195 per week

WEEK 1- JUNE 12-16

Tornadoes to Volcanoes: Wild Weather Week

Calling all mini-meteorologists! Come find out more about Mother Nature’s tantrums in this epic week of hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, earthquakes, and more! Learn why hurricanes cause the ocean level to rise and see if your budding engineer brain can create an earthquake-safe building.

WEEK 2- JUNE 19-23

Time Travelers

Hop in our time machine for epic adventures wearing togas with the Greeks and mummifying hotdogs with the ancient Egyptians. This camp will be exploring iconic historic time periods with hands-on activities, games, foods, and more!

WEEK 3- JUNE 26-30

Outdoor Adventure Academy

No challenge is too big here at our Outdoor Adventure Academy. Thrills abound as you learn to zipline, climb a rock wall, and become an archery master. But don’t tire out too soon, there is still trail hiking, slackline, obstacle courses and more to be done!

WEEK 4- JULY 10-14

Top Gun Academy: High Flying Science 

Maverick and Goose have nothing on you! At least not after a week at the Academy. You will talk to a real fighter pilot, make the farthest flying airplanes, fly a drone, learn dog fighting techniques and get your very own call sign. And this week, the sky isn’t the limit! You’ll even branch into the science of rocket ships and soon be the master of all things flight. 

WEEK 5- JULY 17-21

Color Outside the Lines: Messy Art and Pottery

The messier the better in this week’s Messy Art and Pottery week! All art is beautiful and the focus this week is on the process, not just the product. Enjoy accessing your creative side while splattering paint, creating clay masterpieces, and exploring different art mediums.

WEEK 6-JULY 24-28


You and your crew have been stranded on a deserted island. But never fear, we have all the tools you need! You will be enrolled in survival 101, searching for lost treasure, and learning the mysteries of the open ocean. Being stranded has never been so fun!


Hogwarts Camp

You’ve been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry... again! This year you’re in your second year and the expectations are higher. We will be perfecting our potions, learning more challenging charms, and harvesting our mandrakes in herbology. Don't forget that every success is points earned and can lead to earning the House Cup at the end of the week! 


Best of the Best

We invite you to our very own summer camp highlight reel! This week will be filled with the best and most exciting activities from all our summer camps. Sometimes ziplining or drinking a butterbeer just once isn't enough. No need for FOMO, this camp will ensure no one misses out and allows our regular campers to experience their favorite activities one more time!

Multi Week- June 19-30

Summer On Stage

"All the world's a stage" in Maple Corner Montessori's Theater Camp! Campers will have the chance to audition for a play, learn acting skills and techniques, create props, and build confidence. Using their imaginations, campers will work as a team to explore and perform an original play based on a work of classic literature.